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Chaffles (aka Keto waffles)

Chaffles are double good. They’re a way for Keto dieters like me, who can’t get used to almond flour, to use it anyway. And, they let Ketoistas have something other than bacon and eggs for breakfast — Keto waffles no less.

I think I’ve always preferred the crispy outside and soft inside character of waffles to pancakes. But waffles need a special appliance. The Queen and I got two Sunbeam waffle makers for wedding presents, but a couple of down-sizes ago, we got rid of them. Enter the mini waffle maker and Keto. Sometimes you wish you could invent just the right product at just the right time to make your fortune. Before Keto, who ever heard of a mini waffle maker. Now they’re selling like—well, hotcakes.

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