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Italian Breakfast Casserole

Made with fresh tomatoes and basil bought this morning at the farmers' market, this version of one of our favorites, the breakfast casserole, helps us appreciate paying a little more for locally grown, organic produce. Breakfast casseroles are really healthy and satisfying. Always a crowd pleaser, like if you're having a morning-time birthday party or… Continue reading Italian Breakfast Casserole


Where do little shallots come from?

"Are those onions...or...shallots?" The 50-something grocery store clerk examined the small vegetable carefully. "Shallots," I said. "Same family as onions, they say." In fact, shallots are a type of onion, according to Wikipedia. This interchange in our local grocery made me think immediately of a story on NPR or the Food Channel some years ago… Continue reading Where do little shallots come from?