We thought it was cute that Dad saved our favorite recipes. Now, food’s a thing.

Food and agriculture are deeply intertwined with our nation’s entrenched history of slavery and structural racism.


Our Favorite Recipes Right Now

  • Dad’s little roasted potatoes
    A great, inexpensive dish for one or a whole crowd. I love these when I add them to one of my sheet pan roasted dinners. But pan roasting works, too. These little fellas are sort of like your best FrenchContinue reading “Home”
  • Egg McDad
    Nearly went out to my local coffee shop for one of their breakfast sandwiches (a commuting standby when I was going into the office every day) when I realized I could make one at home. Using a leftover sausage patty,Continue reading “Home”
  • Teach your children well
    Hats off to Jamie Oliver for caring about kids health and better eating. His TED Talk from 2011 is still timely today—unfortunately. People still die prematurely and unnecessarily because of the “standard American diet,” so called. I sense that progressContinue reading “Home”

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