The Queen and I have been “doing Keto” for six months now. We’ve each lost significant poundage, about 15% of our respective pre-Keto weights. Plus, we feel (and look) better in several important areas.

So, it’s time that Dad announces here on DRB that once again, we’ve evolved our eating and cooking style based on trying to live more healthy lives. DRB started as a way to record our family-favorite recipes for posterity and encourage our grownup kids to learn to make them in their own kitchens. Then, after reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma (Michel Pollan, 2008) and other books, TV documentaries, and websites on healthier eating and cooking through organic, sustainable farming and farm-to-table cuisine, we shifted to that focus. Now, with late middle age metabolism and accumulated bad eating habits taking charge of our weight, we have finally done the homework, experimentation, and trial and success necessary to show us that the so-called Keto diet should be our diet of choice. The payoff has been profound weight loss and better health. Not a bad deal.

As we continue on to our goal weights (we’re more than half-way there) and maintenance eating, we’ll start sharing our favorite Keto recipes (we’ve tried some klunkers!), links to our favorite Keto pundits, and our hard-earned tips and commentary.

Keto on!

P.S. We still love organic, farm-to-table, and all that. It’s mostly Keto, anyway. But we’ll get into that later….