Dad’s Recipe Box is dedicated to anyone who wants to create tastier and healthier food and positive cooking and eating memories for those they love.

DadsRecipeBox.com started as a way to pass along favorite family recipes, tips, and a little philosophy to our teenage kids. Now, they’re all grown and finding their own ways to eat healthy and satisfying food. They haven’t necessarily embraced cooking like the old man did, but they still like to eat well! Our youngest married a guy who’s a great cook, so she’s finessing the whole deal. Clever girl. Takes right after her Dad. ( ;-))

I gradually became a better cook over a couple of decades since the days when I fired up the barby only a few times a year and thought I was a big deal. Now, I love helping others create great-tasting and nutritious food in line with all that’s been learned about how to eat and cook since the 90s. So, at DRB we care about healthy eating, the food economy, and the finer points of cooking at home. We hope you will find DRB a good place to share recipes and cooking stories, learn a new technique, or just be entertained.

A quick note: DRB is not the same as a lot of other home cooking and recipe websites, many of which are really great. DRB is photographically challenged, and so we concentrate first on the stories and creating usable, valuable recipes without lots (or any) blurry, under-lit photos or marginal how-to videos. Hope you enjoy what we’ve got in the meantime. Thanks for stopping by!

Good cookin’,