The official Dad’s Recipe Box tasting panel (Dad and Mom) may not have certifiable palates, but we know what we like! Listed here are ingredients we think are exceptional, based on our limited, but seriously-taken sampling. We’ve checked to see if these producers take seriously the responsibility to offer high-quality products and good service when they sell direct to consumers. Funny how great products and great service go hand-in-hand, isn’t it?

  • California Olive Ranch – Even though COR now sells blends of olive oils from across the world, I still buy their 100% California EVOO exclusively. Why mess with a good thing?
  • Clifty Farm – I’m glad I came across these folks years ago. Their delicious Tennessee sausage is perfect for gravy and biscuits. Great recipes.
  • Maytag Dairy Farms – America’s best blue cheese in my book!
  • Fage (fah-yay) Yogurt – best taste hands down with no ingredients that don’t belong. Healthier, too!

Dad and Mom get no consideration, kickbacks, promotional fees (or free samples, darn it!) from any of these suppliers.

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