2013-02-28 10.45.08When I first started cooking seriously, I knew I was on to a good thing ’cause using good tools is really important! Here are Dad’s Top 10 Kitchen Tools:

Dad’s Top 10 Kitchen Tools

  1. the whisk
  2. the 10″ iron skillet
  3. the chef’s knife
  4. the immersion blender

Now, I like great, world-class tools, but I also like a great deal.

Dad’s Favorite Sources

  • Local restaurant supply stores

Wanted something heavier than the thin-skinned, small aluminum sauce pan from the 70s that we had since it was new. For about $15, got a heavy-duty 2 qt model used in restaurants. Won’t win a beauty contest, but come on, we’re talking about a sauce pan!

  • Hardware store

Everyone ought have at least one cast iron skillet – for cornbread, or for a great ribeye steak recipe I found. The best place to get one (Lodge seems to be the most commonly found brand.) is in your hardware store. It will probably be cheaper than anywhere else.

  • Your discount warehouse of choice

A few years back, I bought one of those cast aluminum, non-stick surface roasting pans, with handles. Big enough for a 20-pound turkey. When I saw the ad, I couldn’t believe it was only $20! But it was. It has some small knicks in it, but they’re barely noticeable. And, as you probably know, these pans are normally more than $100 anywhere.

You or your wife or your mother probably know a local Pampered Chef rep. Some of their stuff definitely falls into the one-use tool category and should be avoided unless you’ve got money to burn. But there are quite a few items that are high quality, resonably priced, and you can help out an independent business person!

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