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Recently, a friend let me know that she had always figured that Dad’s Recipe Box was in fact Dads Recipe Box (note apostrophe placement), in other words, that DRB was about dads who cook at home. What a concept. At some point in her childhood, my friend saw her dad take over as family cook for her and her three sisters, all under 12. “It was beans and franks, beans and franks, and beans and franks.” Funny, but sad.

I hope this was an extreme case. In my case, a latent interest in cooking and the Queen’s burgeoning home-based business coincided with a time in my career when I could be home in time to cook most days. The kids were in junior high mostly and amused by my cooking and especially my mistakes. We (well, actually, they) still talk about the garlic butter left over from last night’s garlic bread that I served with Saturday morning’s pancakes. Yuck!

Today, I’m sure there are lots of dads who cook for spouse and kid(s) routinely and probably do a great job. There are others, no doubt, who can mange beans and franks, order-in pizza, and maybe not much else. More power to them. We offer some dad-centric content in their honor, and we hope to hear that families are eating better and dads are enjoying their cooking more because of it.

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