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Dad’s Ragu

Just about everyone (We have a notable exception in our family.) likes pasta sauce with meat and tomato. I love it. I’ve made it many times and tried various recipes, mostly called ragu or Bolognese. Ragu in Italian means tasty or savory, or it refers to the meaty, tomatoey, stewy dish itself. It (the word and the recipe) are derived, apparently, from the French ragoût. OK, so much for technicalities.

Remember, this recipe is all about using what you have on hand, although doing exactly what I did should be great. This is a wonderful dish for expanding your horizons without taking the time to add any skills. Just add imagination.

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Italian breakfast casserole

Breakfast casseroles can be really healthy and satisfying. Always a crowd pleaser, like if you’re having a morning-time birthday party or a day-after-the wedding family hangers-on brunch until it’s time for the relatives to get on their way home. The versions with bread are great, but this one and its variants taste just as good and are lower-carb.

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