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Dad’s Scrambled Eggs

Everyone (even the kids) say these are really good scrambled eggs. Tasty, fluffy, buttery...etc. So, they have become the gold standard around our house. The technique is the most important thing here. Update 2019: Better eggs really do taste better. Better = organic, really free range, larger darker yellow yolks, no animal stuff in the… Continue reading Dad’s Scrambled Eggs


Apple Pie

My beloved Scots-Irish grandmother was famous, at least in our family, for her apple pie. She made a pie, it seemed, every week or so until she was well into her eighties. Her pie, which I'll cover in another post, was made with lard and only with Granny Smiths. It wasn't too sweet or runny. It was a great, if rustic, pie, and unlike any pie I've had since.