The official Dad’s Recipe Box tasting panel (Dad and Mom) may not have certified palates, but we know what we like, darn it. We also care about healthiness and suppliers who are committed to quality and a better food system. Listed here are sources we think are truly exceptional. We’ve found the merchants behind these products to offer quality service and convenience. Funny how great products and service go hand-in-hand, isn’t it?

  • California Olive Ranch – We have stuck with COR even though they now offer interenational blends as well as 100% American olive oil! They are in many grocery stores and have a good online presence. You won’t be sorry you tried them.
  • Maytag Dairy Farms – America’s best blue cheese in my book!
  • Fage (fah-yay) Yogurt – We think this is the best tasing yogurt hands down, and they get that taste without sugar or any other additives.
  • King Arthur Baking – It’s been a treat to see King Arthur grow his round table to include everything to meet the needs of the home baker. Flours, baking supplies, and equipment. The castle must be getting crowded. 


Every great meal starts with great ingredients. Grocery shopping these days can be a lot of fun, trying new stores, farmers markets and online alternatives. Go deep in one shopping site or wide and sample many, finding the best for your taste and budget?

We try and buy organic, non-GMO, local, and farm-to-table when we can. But we still rely—and probably always will—on standard, readily available and reliable brands. In many cases, we find these are actually the best around—and among the least expensive. You may be a let’s-just-get-it-done kind of a home cook, and that’s great. Your goodness can come in your recipe selection and process.


Dad and Mom get no consideration, kickbacks, promotional fees (or free samples, darn it!) from any of these suppliers.

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