We thought it was cute that Dad saved our favorite recipes. Now, food’s a thing.

Food and agriculture are deeply intertwined with our nation’s entrenched history of slavery and structural racism.


Our Favorite Recipes Right Now

  • Friendsgiving
    What a great time when you’re a 20- or-30-something and you get together with work buddies or college buddies or anybuddies for a Thanksgiving potluck. Chances are your people are from different places with different traditions and favorite recipes for … Continue reading
  • Pasta sauce
    Hey, Dad really likes pasta with sauce…or without sauce, actually. I could eat it evey day probably. But then…you get it. Continue reading
  • Sugar is sweet — and so is sugar.
    Sugar is sweet, but there so many sugars to choose from. I have a love-hate-2nd chance relationship with sugar. I don’t expect ever to embrace refined white sugar again, but there are several actual sugar and non-sugar sweeteners that pass … Continue reading

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