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DadsIconWhen I first started cooking seriously, I knew I was on to a good thing because it was all about tools! I helped  build a house once and learned that the right tool makes all the difference. Same goes for these favorites. The tools I recommend here save time and money, compared with more expensive versions, and will get the job done for many years. They make great gits for your favorite home cook or your own inner chef.

Dad’s Top 10 Tools Shopping List

1. Whisk
The indispensable stirrer for gravy, sauces, eggs, light batters, and so much more. whisks
 2. Cast iron skillet
At around 25 bucks, you can’t find a better all-purpose skillet for everything from steak and eggs to pasta sauce. You can’t find a better one for 100 bucks, but I’m not going to tell them! Made in America.
3. Citrus squeezer
Lemons, limes or small oranges. This squeezer gets more juice out of them and it’s cheap. Bonus: Good for forearm exercises. 😉
4. Nonstick skillet
This is the non-stick skillet recommended by America’s Test Kitchen, and I’ve been really pleased with it for almost a year. If it wears out…hey, it’s only $35 bucks!
5. Immersion blender
Got one for our wedding in the 70s and didn’t know what to do with it for many years. Now, it’s indispensable for making creamier soups, a fall/winter staple. A one-speed model works fine for me. Get the least expensive one you can find.
6. Measuring cups set
Remember, this is an “essentials” list. We make do with one set of measuring cups and one set of measuring spoons. Should last a lifetime!
7. Rubber spatulas
These and a wooden spoon or two are all you need for stirring, scraping, mixing, smoothing, and more. What a deal!
8. Chef’s knife
America’s Test Kitchen’s perennial favorite. A great buy. How do they make a such a great product for the price? Somebody tell the Germans.
9. Vegetable peeler
Eat more plants.
10. Paring knife
Round out your knife set with a great and cheap paring knife. Does a host of chores.
Total bill about $155.00
(What a deal.)


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