Dad’s Favorite Sources for Cooking Tools

We like great tools, but we like a great deal, too. You don’t need to spend a lot to get a few tools that will make a huge difference and last a lifetime. You may be able to get anything at Amazon, but when I can, I like shopping the old way. Here are some places we like to visit.

  • Restaurant supply stores: Wanted something heavier than the thin-skinned, small aluminum sauce pan from the 70s. For about $15, I got a heavy-duty, two-quart model used in restaurants. It won’t win a beauty contest, but come on, we’re talking about a pot!
  • Your local hardware store: Everyone ought to have at least one cast iron skillet – for cornbread, or for a great ribeye steak recipe I found. The best place to get one (Lodge seems to be the most commonly found brand) is in your hardware store. It may be cheaper than anywhere else and you’ll help a local business.
  • Deals at your favorite discount warehouse: I bought one of those heavy-gauge, cast aluminum, non-stick roasting pans, with handles and a V-shaped rack. Big enough for a 20-pound turkey. When I saw the ad, I couldn’t believe it was only $20! But it was. It was a factory-reject with some small nicks, but they’re barely noticeable. And, as you probably know, these pans can be more than $100.
  • Thrift stores: You just never know what you’ll find. Could be a diamond in the rough!

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