Teach your children well

Hats off to Jamie Oliver for caring about kids health and better eating. His TED Talk from 2011 is still timely today—unfortunately. People still die prematurely and unnecessarily because of the “standard American diet,” so called. I sense that progress has been made since 2011, but as other news from the food front tells us,Continue reading “Teach your children well”

Enough food?

Back in the 1970’s, I learned from a retired Department of Agriculture scientist that food science was so advanced that there would never be a problem raising enough food to feed the world. It’s all about distribution, economics, and of course, politics. There was one valley in Peru that could grow enough peas to meetContinue reading “Enough food?”

Where has all the cooking gone?

“…if it weren’t for the vibrant but dwindling community of bloggers, we’d hardly see actual cooking discussed at all.” So says Mark Bittman in a recent column.  The transformation of FoodTV into yet another reality show-driven channel (where people pretend to be living for real) is a disappointment for sure. Seems like only yesterday thatContinue reading “Where has all the cooking gone?”

Hunger in America?

Ok, it’s time to get serious. Many of us eat too much while other people are starving. This can’t be right. Nobody deserves to starve in the presence of such abundance. Dad supports the work of Feeding America in raising awareness and getting people involved in helping those who aren’t getting enough food. Check out thisContinue reading “Hunger in America?”