Dad’s Favorite Cook Books

How to Cook Everything

Mark Bittman pretty much wraps it all up in this massive compendium of recipes, insights and tips. It’s now my go-to do-anything book, replacing the Better Homes & Gardens Cook Book, which is a little dated.

The Art of Simple Food

The Queen and I had lunch at Alice Water’s Chez Panisse in Berkeley in 1974. Don’t remember anything except they had the best salad I’d ever tasted, still several years from transplanting myself from Chicago to California. You know, in Chicago, a “California burger meant a regular burger with lettuce and tomato. Sad. Got this book several years ago, and it has become one of my favs. Looking forward to the sequel, out for Christmas this year (hint).

The New Orleans Restaurant Cookbook

We love New Orleans and New Orleans food! Picked up this cook book in 1977 after indulging in the famous “breakfast at Brennan’s” experience. See “Yams Richard (ree-shar)” for one of our favorite recipes from the book. Click on the image to check it out on Amazon.

The New York Times Cook Book

My first cook book. I must have had the cooking bug early, because I got this in the early 70s, as a freebie in a Book of the Month Club promotion. Still use its Cranberry Relish as my holiday default.