Keto defined

This is the simple definition. Keto is an eating hack. By this, I mean it’s something you do to finesse some eating, nutrition, or weight loss goal. It’s not a program you sign up for or pay a subscription fee to. It’s not just another diet that somebody else thought up to take your money. It’s not something you suffer through in order to lose a few pounds that you have it on past experience will show up again later.

Keto is shorthand for choosing ketosis-encouraging food to eat and other food to avoid eating. It’s totally under your control and like I said, it’s an eating hack or body hack. You make choices and your body responds because it has to. No options.

Getting specific, what you’re doing when you eat “Keto” is you are choosing to eat foods that will force your body to get the energy it needs to operate from fat instead of from carbohydrates. And guess what? If your body needs more energy than it can get from the fats and other stuff you eat, it will start cashing out the fat deposits it has stored for a rainy day here, there, and everywhere around the old belly, face, arms, and legs. Got it? Think, read, and repeat as needed.

Mostly what you do on Keto is eat foods with lots (relatively) of fat and not much in the way of carbs. The simplest way to go Keto is to stop eating anything with sugar in it in any form and stop eating anything with wheat flour in it. Really. If you just do this, you’ll lose weight. But you also may become mal-nourished. Instead of sugary, floury foods, eat food with lots of fat: butter, fatty meat, butter, eggs, butter, nuts, butter, full-fat sour cream, yogurt, and cream cheese, butter, and cheese. We love butter. Green, leafy vegetables and other things that come in a salad are good, too. They provide nutrient balance and relief from boredom with all that fat, but the focus is on fat. The good news is that a) fat means flavor and b) fat is filling. So, filling, flavorful fat is what Keto is all about in practice.

If it really were that simple, all the Keto pundits would be out of a job, right? My favorite Keto pundits are The Diet Doctor, Carolyn at All Day I Dream About Food, and they won’t run out of followers for a while.

My simplified definition of keto derives mostly from Diet Doctor video, which explains the basics. But even this explanation makes Keto more complex than it needs to be in practice. Once you get a sense for the mechanics, you can make up your own menus and dishes, probably. If you feel more comfortable having a program tell you exactly what to eat and not eat, or even supply you with ready-to-heat-and-eat meals, that’s fine. This is easy for me to say since I’ve been doing Keto—off and on, you understand—for about six years.

One more thing. I have come to see that the true basic idea about losing weight is to—wait for it—eat less food. But to enjoy losing weight more and see real results and feel better—I haven’t even mentioned the other health benefits of Keto eating—do Keto.

If you’re one of those people who can eat all day and not gain weight, God bless you. Enjoy the many carby recipes here on DRB.

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