Enough food?

Back in the 1970’s, I learned from a retired Department of Agriculture scientist that food science was so advanced that there would never be a problem raising enough food to feed the world. It’s all about distribution, economics, and of course, politics. There was one valley in Peru that could grow enough peas to meet world demand. There were other optimal climates and conditions for other crops around the world—as long as people and countries worked together and created distribution to get the food where it needed to go. He was an idealist.

Now, we’re well into the 21st Century. The latest UN Report on climate change and world food is warning that many will die and go hungry because of climate change. Large areas of the world are becoming deserts.

There’s lot that anyone can do to impact world food supplies: supporting sustainable agriculture at home—like in your backyard, getting involved in a climate change movement, helping organizations that provide food for hungry people—at the local food bank or in desertified regions, and so much more.

Add a food-related cause to your personal portfolio of good deeds—or go all-in about food. The planet will appreciate it.

Here at DRB, as we become more aware of the big picture about food, we try to strike a balance between celebrating home cooking, eating well and eating healthy, sustainable agriculture, and the complicated issues that keep so many people from getting the food they need for life. We hope you are getting a balanced diet of information about food and our world.

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