Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!!!

Attack, as in flavor attack!
Picked up several pounds of homegrown Romas from a friend at work yesterday. This summer, we’ve been making our own fresh tomato sauce and salsa (ole!). I’m warning you…you ‘ll never go back to the bottle after enjoying the killer flavor of fresh tomato sauce.

Home-Made Tomato Sauce

Talk about return-on-investment! This recipe pays huge dividends on your time. (You can tell Dad is pre-occupied with his retirement plan these days.)

  1. Buy or pick, or get from your buddy’s garden – 4 lbs of tomatoes. Do you have a favorite variety? I’m not smart enough about tomoatos to have one…yet.
  2. Wash off and let dry. Remove stems and cores, but chop everything else into about a 1/2 inch dice.
  3. Dice one large or two not-large onions.
  4. In a suitable pot, saute onion in 2-3 T evoo or veg oil and S&P, just ’till softened, 4-5 minutes.
  5. Add tomatoes, cover, cook for 20 minutes on low-med heat (just bubbling).
  6. Check it out – the miracle of cooking. Your tomatoes have broken down into a chunky sauce. You’re on your own as to thickness. You can always add back water later.

Your sauce will freeze well. I usually store in 2-cup batches. Use the sauce instead of canned with pasta, or on cooked meat, or with rice and beans (really great) for a no-meat entree or brown-bag lunch at work, or, well, how do you use it?

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