Daily Archives: 07/24/2009

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes*

Attack, as in flavor attack! I still get excited when I try something new that should have known about or figured out all along. Case in point: tomato sauce comes in a jar or can, right? Guess again, Dad. It’s so easy and fast to make tomato sauce that is better than any canned sauce. I kicked myself all the way back to the farmers market for more tomatoes. Or, you can get them from a friend who’s been overwhelmed by their homegrown tomatoes—again—even thought this happens every year!

Picked up several pounds of homegrown Romas from a friend at work yesterday and made our own fresh tomato sauce and salsa (ole!). I’m warning you…you ‘ll never go back to the bottle after enjoying the killer flavor of fresh tomato sauce.

* Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (movie, 1978)

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