Spicy Salmon Fillets

Use Dad's 10-in-1 Chili Spice Mix to create a new version of your three-times-a-week fish dish. You are eating fish three-times-a-week, aren't you? Select fresh or frozen fillets that are about an inch at thickest part. If they taper off to 1/4 inch or less, you can tuck the thinnest part under itself in the baking dish so that it doesn't become just a crispy bit in the oven. Of course, crispy bits are really good! Do what you like. Coat salmon fillets with Dad's 10-in-1 Chili Spice Mix and make even frozen salmon a mouth pleaser.

Dad’s Ribs

Iribs can’t remember where this recipe came from , but the one time I made ribs this way, the result was wonderful. Pork ribs just the way i like them. Falling-off-the-bone tender with a sweet-smokiness that’s bound to satisfy. It’s all about the quality of the meat and your technique…and patience!