Cook the Farm, Live the Food

Recommended by Alice Waters, this video and the people behind it are just a great encouragement that the revolution in how we think about our food and about cooking is happening and well worth our attention. Enjoy!

Cook the Farm from Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School on Vimeo.

Teach Your Children Well

Hats off to Jamie Oliver for caring about kids health and better eating.

Where Has All the Cooking Gone?

“…if it weren’t for the vibrant but dwindling community of bloggers, we’d hardly see actual cooking discussed at all.” So says Mark Bittman in a recent column.  The transformation of FoodTV into yet another reality show-driven channel (where people pretend to be living for real) is a disappointment for sure.

Seems like only yesterday that cooking was simple; grocery shopping was simple; getting fat was simple. Now, eating, like everything else, is another learning moment. And a topic for small talk with old friends and new. Where has cooking gone? Mainstream.

Heirloom Recipes

Dad’s Recipe Box features heirloom recipes. One of our beginning ideas was to gather and publish family favorite dishes so the kids would have them written down if they wanted them. I debated whether to call these “heirloom” or “heritage” recipes, and I suppose either will do. But Merriam-Webster helped me decide. Here’s their definition:

heirloom: something of special value handed on from one generation to another

This is exactly what we intend by using the word. These recipes have special value becuase of the memories and feelings they evoke. Thanksgivings, Saturday mornings, Christmas, picnics and vacations. The older we get, the more we hold these times dear. If food and cooking can help us remember them, so much the better.

Hunger in America?

Ok, it’s time to get serious. Many of us eat too much while other people are starving. This can’t be right. Nobody deserves to starve in the presence of such abundance.
Dad supports the work of Feeding America in raising awareness and getting people involved in helping those who aren’t getting enough food.

Check out this video….

Bought in or Sold out?

The Queen and I are really just bit players in the burgeoning network of  foodies and friends of eating. But we’re sincere! As we go deeper into sources and tools and thinking about the world’s food system, we take baby steps toward a greater appreciation of the people, companies and organizations that help us eat more intentionally, and we care more about those who help us do that. This year is shaping up to be the Year of Tools. We’ve taken the plunge into the sea of grown-up small appliances for the kitchen. As the stand (or is it “standing”) mixer arrived this week, I realized that we’re now a Kitchen Aid family: blender, food processor and mixer. These choices were based almost entirely on ratings from users and some of Dads’ friends. Checked out Cook’s Illustrated, Amazon, and Observed carefully while learning how to bake from Martha. Kitchen Aid seems to be about everyone’s favorite. And then you go to their website and see all the solid Buckeyes who make the stuff somewhere in Ohio. Makes you proud the best is at least sometimes still American.

More baking adventures to come…

If all us fat people were lined up end-to-end…

I don’t usually shop at Wal-Mart on principle. Continue reading “If all us fat people were lined up end-to-end…”