Black Bean Dip

When you were in your 20s in the 70s and you wanted a quick and easy something to make for parties, this recipe was a winner. It’s still great, if a bit different than what we did back then. The original recipe used Campbell’s Condensed Black Bean Soup, which I can’t find anywhere. But canned black beans, mashed, spiced and ready to go, are just as good. Better yet are Dad’s black beans in a pot, mashed to a paste.

Adjustable Hummus

If you’re gonna eat tortilla chips, at least eat brands made with all natural ingredients. Better for this dip to use toasted pita bread cut into triangular “chips” or Indian nan. For something healthy to dip them in, try this “adjustable” hummus. Adjustable because you can have it as hot or as boringly bland as you want it. Continue reading “Adjustable Hummus”