Dad’s Roasted Red Potatoes

A great, inexpensive dish for one or a whole crowd. Makes a side dish or main course. Can be varied indefinitely. Continue reading “Dad’s Roasted Red Potatoes”

Dad’s Granola

Two of the kids’ aunts both sent us home-made granola for Christmas a few years ago. Both versions were really good (how diplomatic) and opened our eyes to a better – and cheaper – way to do breakfast. Since then, we’ve settled in on the recipe here as our favorite. Continue reading “Dad’s Granola”

Best Banana Bread

The best thing about banana bread may be what a great way it is to use up over-ripe bananas. Try this recipe even if you don’t have that problem. Continue reading “Best Banana Bread”

Dad’s Scrambled Eggs

Everyone (even the kids) say these are really good scrambled eggs. Tasty, fluffy, buttery…etc. So, they have become the gold standard around our house. The technique is the most important thing here. Continue reading “Dad’s Scrambled Eggs”

Frenchified Toast

The only thing French about this recipe is the suggestion to use French bread. Continue reading “Frenchified Toast”